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Guitar Strings Replacement Special

Apr 23, 2019 – May 31, 2019

NEED NEW GUITAR STRINGS? Check out our super low price for replacing those worn out strings on your 6-string electric guitar or 4-5 string bass guitar. Our current special is only $20 for labor + the cost of your choice of strings. (Mods to nut string slots for changing from your guitar's standar...

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NEW WEBSITE! On 2-20-2019 we launched our new responsive (mobile-friendly) website. Our new site has more information and will be expanded to showcase our services and work we've done. Check out our new website via the link below.

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Why get locking tuners? The main advantage of locking tuners is noticed with tremolo-equipped guitars. By locking the strings to the tuner, this reduces the amount of string slippage due to use of the tremolo bar and results in reduced tuning problems. Whether it's Graphtech Ratio Locking Tuners ...

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Want a better tone and sound? Upgrade those weak stock pups with a set of amazing Seymour-Duncan pickups. Discover what your favorite guitar can do when you give it the power it needs to become a sound machine. Seymour-Duncan has a wide collection of pickups to deliver that vintage sound, rich to...

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Where to get new guitar strings? Check out our site for prices on electric guitar and bass maintenance and repairs. We can install your strings or *provide the strings that are right for your guitar. Free tuning with every guitar string installation! *See our site for our standard choice of stri...

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Guitar Maintenance

  • Electric Guitar Setup

    Electric 6-string guitar: $55 + cost of your choice of guitar strings. We inspect truss rod (neck relief), string action, pickup height (adjust as necessary). We inspect tuning machines, string trees, nut, bridge, saddles, input jack, control knobs, selector switches for functionality. Digitally calibrate intonation with a rack mounted tuner. Clean guitar body, fretboard, and neck. Polish frets. Apply conditioning oil conditioner to the (uncoated) fretboard. Install new guitar strings and tune guitar strings.
  • Bass Guitar Setup

    Bass guitar 4-5 strings: $55 + cost of your choice of guitar strings. We inspect truss rod (neck relief), string action, pickup height (adjust as necessary). We inspect tuning machines, nut, bridge, saddles, input jack, and control knobs for functionality. Digitally calibrate intonation with a rack mounted tuner. Clean bass guitar body, fretboard, and neck. Polish frets. Apply conditioning oil conditioner to the (uncoated) fretboard. Install new bass guitar strings and tune bass guitar strings.
  • Guitar Repair Services

    Guitar Techs for guitar repair services including wiring repair, solder, nut work, fretwork, pickup replacement, input jacks, tuning machine heads, new pots or caps (yes we do treble bleed mods!), tremolo repair, bridge and saddle work, selector switches, control knobs, pickguards, and more. We offer OEM parts, and quality aftermarket parts by top guitar parts suppliers such as Allparts, Seymour-Duncan, DiMarzio and others. Bench prices are $40 per hour and we offer free estimates.
  • Conductive Shielding - Strat and Tele Style Guitars

    Professionally apply conductive shielding paint to control RF electrical interference. We use either shielding paint or copper shielding tape for insulating pickguards and cover plates. We include wiring and grounding lugs to assure that your shielding system works properly. Our guitar shop will also install new strings and tune your Fender (or replica) Stratocaster or Telecaster guitar.
  • Guitar Clean & Polish

    Restore your guitar's appearance with our Artisan Clean and Polish package. We will use guitar finish-friendly solutions to gently remove built-up dirt and grime. A specialty wood rejuvenating oil is applied to your (uncoated) fretboard. Chrome hardware is also cleaned-in-place. Lastly, we apply a rich coat of Carnauba wax and neck. (We do not clean strings). Add $25 for polishing frets.
  • Restring Guitar - 6 String Electric

    Remove and replace strings on a standard 6 string electric guitar. Strings to be Ernie Ball Super Slinky 10-46 or 9-42 nickel wound guitar strings. Guitar will be tuned after installation of new strings. Other brands available (may affect the price). Disclaimer: New strings will "relax" and consequently will require periodic tuning of your guitar.
  • Restring Guitar - 4 String Electric Bass

    Remove and replace strings on a standard 4 string electric bass guitar. Strings to be Ernie Ball Power Slinky 55-110 nickel round wound strings or Regular Slinky Bass Roundwound 50-105. Bass guitar will be tuned after installation of new strings. Other brands available (may affect the price).
  • Fret Level, Crown & Polish (LCP)

    Our fret leveling, crowning and polishing includes dressing fret ends. We start by checking that your guitar's neck is truly flat - this is a MUST in order to do a proper fret job. We also check for common problems such as loose frets, and severly worn frets. Using specially designed luthier tools, and being mindful of fret board radius, we will "level" (even the height of all frets), then "crown" (round-off the top of the frets), and then use a multi-step process to "polish" (smooth out the metal). This service includes installing new strings. Prices start at $140 for work on standard "nickel silver fret wire". Stainless Steel frets require additional work. Fret replacement is an additional cost.
  • Guitar Nut Adjustment & Replacement

    We offer guitar nut repalcement and guitar nut adjustment. We cut and install bone, metal, graphite, composite and synthetic guitar nuts. (We recommend Graphtech TUSQ guitar nuts). Nut repair services include securing loose nuts with cyanoacrylate glue, recutting slots to accommodate larger strings or adjust string action. When we replace damaged, worn or cheap guitar nuts we hand check/cut the slots to fit your preferred string sizes and appropriate slot spacing. Prices start at $40 for labor, and the cost of a replacement guitar nut is extra.


3 days ago
Did a fantastic job reworking the nut on my partscaster neck. Believe me, it was a mess!! More than fair price and excellent service. A great experience all around.
- Robert B
a month ago
Hello, it's Woody from TX - I bought a Music Man 110 Fifty guitar amp from Artisan Luthiers. Jim was very prompt, personal and professional throughout the transaction and shipping - he updated me on the status of delivery, the amp was packed very well, and it looks and sounds exactly as advertised! I am very pleased, and I recommend Artisan Luthiers greatly!
- Woody K
3 months ago
Awesome experience. They did a setup on my daughters guitar and the sound difference is night and day. They also did a guitar repair for an electrical problem. Artisan has earned my business!
- Britni W

Guitar maintenance, repair & upgrades.

Artisan Luthiers offers guitar repair, maintenance, upgrades, customization and related services for electric and bass guitars. 

Visit our official website at

Affordable guitar maintenance for guitar string replacement, intonation, tuning, lubrication, cleaning and polishing. A great service for busy people, beginners and people preparing a guitar for resale.

Guitar set-ups to get your instrument in proper playing condition for your style.  A set-up is not a “repair”. It's an adjustment to your guitar's neck, bridge, and nut for improved playability and tuning. This includes adjusting your guitar's action (string height) and intonation.  

Guitar maintenance and repair services include fret leveling and polishing, and replacement of tuning, machine, nut, bridge, saddles, tremolo, pickguards and trem cover plates.

Guitar electrical services include repair or replace wiring, pickups, CTS 250k or 500k pots, toggle and blade switches, jacks and treble bleed mods with orange drop caps. 

Paint & Finishes - Ask about custom refinishing for stain, paint and oil and poly finishes including stripping, wood repair and neck replacements.

Accessories - Ask us about standard and custom knobs, pickguards, trem covers, back plates, straps, strap locks, cases, gig bags, cables and more.

Parts - We offer name-brand, OEM and after-market parts (your choice) for repair work, customizations and upgrades.

Brands We Recommend (Others Available)
  • Strings: Ernie Ball, D'addario, DR, Elixir, Fender
  • Tuners: Graphtech, Gotoh, Schaller, Trimlok, Wilkinson
  • Pickups: Seymour-Duncan, EMG, Fender, Dimarzio, Fishman
  • Switches: Switchcraft, Fender, Emerson
  • Nuts: Graphtec TUSQ,  Fender LSR, Floyd Rose
  • Bridge/Saddles: Fender Roller, Hipshot, Schaller, Wilkinson, Gotoh 

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